Terms of use

Île Sans Fil Terms of Use

Note: as of Fall 2011, it is no longer necessary to create a user account to access the Internet
with Île Sans Fil.

This WiFi service is offered to you as a result of a partnership between an organisation (or
individual) that is financing the bandwidth and Île Sans Fil (ISF, a non profit organisation).

It is supported by employees and volunteers from ISF and is offered to you free-of-charge and without quality guarantee
see network state : http://auth.ilesansfil.org/nodeextra/map

To ensure the network’s long-term viability and service quality, you must accept the following conditions:

My responsibilities:

  1. I will respect the clientele and staff of the location where I am using the service.
  2. Using the service for illegal activity is unacceptable and the user accepts all
    responsibility for such acts.
  3. I understand that the service is designed for casual use. Regular or intensive from my
    home contitues abuse of the service.
  4. The WiFi service offered is not encrypted and is subject to a risk of being intercepted
    inherent to wireless access systems. Therefore, it is my responsibility to use secure
    protocols to protect my passwords and private information. Please note that no ports
    are blocked on ISF equipment.
  5. I understand that by connecting to the service, Île Sans Fil records my computer’s
    MAC address (it is like a serial number). We use this number to enforce quotas and to
    gather general statistics concerning network use.
  6. I will not redirect or re-share bandwidth without ISF’s permission.
  7. I understand that some public places offer a content-based web filter. The filtered categories are for exemple porn and violence. When in place, this filtering has been demanded by the owner of the public place.

ISF’s responsibilities:

  1. In order to protect your privacy, no individual information will be gathered without your
    explicit permission. Your device’s MAC address may be provided to authorities upon
  2. Only the following information will be archived without your explicit permission: your
    device’s MAC and IP addresses, the duration of your session, the access point and the
    quantity of data transmitted during your session. No traffic content or destinations will
    be archived.
  3. However, ISF may share statistics and anonymous information for academic research

In order to maintain the viability and free nature of the service, ISF may:

  1. Apply bandwith limits (speed or quantity) in order to ensure equitable use. ISF will not
    discriminate according to any criteria other than quantity of the resources used.
  2. Disactivate a device’s access if the user has not respected this agreement or has
    attempted to bypass control mechanisms.

Changes to the terms of use:

  1. In the event that changes must be made to this agreement, you will be clearly advised
    of these changes when you next connect to the ISF network.

By using the service, you accept the aforementioned conditions.

Update 2011-28-12 – modification to account information following move to splash only
Update 2013-02-26 – changes in the hosting solution, fixed the link to the hotspot map